Pittsburgh Cuisines

Primanti Brothers

In the early 1930’s Joe Primanti started selling sandwiches to hungry truckers who were dropping off their deliveries in Pittsburgh’s famed Strip District an area known for its fresh produce. Since then Primanti’s has grown to have 17 locations in the Greater Pittsburgh area plus three in Florida..

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Prantl’s Bakery

For 28 bucks plus shipping, their “Burnt Almond Travel Torte” may just be the best pastry you have ever ordered. All we can say is … WOW! Light, fluffy and yet crunchy, this torte blew us away, and we do not have a big sweet tooth. Prantl’s German Bakery has been located in the Shadyside section of Pittsburgh for over 100 years…

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Robert Wholey Fish Market

When I think of the Strip District, Pittsburgh’s premier produce and ethnic restaurant area, one of the first places that comes to mind is Wholey’s. It brings back memories of my father and I driving there to order his favorite – a huge fried fish fillet sandwich on a simple bun – which neither of us could ever finish…

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McGinnis Sisters

With three different locations surrounding the Pittsburgh area, McGinnis Sisters Special Foods Stores have gained a substantial local following. This delightful store takes a great deal of pride in offering only fresh and home grown produce. Their online store offers you a wide variety of handmade gift baskets…

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Pittsburgh Popcorn Company

This is not your movie theater popcorn. Their popcorn is freshly made all day long and in more flavors than you can imagine. To top it off, they have special tins to pack it in – including of course – a Steeler one. Our staff has tried several of different flavors, and we can report that it is some…

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Prestogeorge Coffee & Tea

This place has every kind of tea and coffee anyone could ever want and probably more than you knew existed. The full list is online. We recommend the pumpkin spice if you like seasonal flavored coffees…

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Pierogies Plus

Pierogies: Nothing is more Polish than a pierogie and where else to go for the best pierogies than Pittsburgh! Hidden in the McKees Rocks section of the city – just a few miles from downtown “Pierogies Plus” is nothing short of a jewel. What a find! With all due respect to Mrs.T’s frozen rendition of the same item…

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S & D Polish Deli

Located on Penn Avenue within Pittsburgh’s celebrated Strip District, Click Here this store / restaurant offers you everything Polish! From cooking classes to a product lineup which includes every possible traditional Polish dish, we think you’ll be especially impressed with the variety of gift boxes that can be ordered online…

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Polish Pierogie

What could be more Pittsburgh than a pierogie truck? For our take – absolutely nothing. Interestingly enough, they also have a very nice website which gives you alternative to order classic Polish cuisine form “the Burgh.” You might find it worth a try….

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Located on Route 30, approximately 30 minute east of Pittsburgh in Jeannette, Delallo offers endless possibilities for Italian meat and cheeses. A spotless brick and mortar store is matched by a website that offers not only a vast inventory of products but also instructional videos and excellent recipes…

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