The “Taste” Newsletter: Issue 5

Prantl’s Bakery from Pittsburgh

For 28 bucks plus shipping, their “Burnt Almond Travel Torte” may just be the best pastry you have ever ordered. All we can say is … WOW! Light, fluffy and yet crunchy, this torte blew us away, and we do not have a big sweet tooth. Prantl’s German Bakery has been located in the Shadyside section of Pittsburgh for over 100 years. It is not cheap but in our opinion very worth it…

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Pierogies Plus from Pittsburgh

Pierogies: Nothing is more Polish than a pierogie and where else to go for the best pierogies than Pittsburgh! Hidden in the McKees Rocks section of the city – just a few miles from downtown “Pierogies Plus” is nothing short of a jewel. What a find! With all due respect to Mrs.T’s frozen rendition of the same item, you will want to immediately try these easy to order pierogies…

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The Doobie Brothers & Wine from Napa

B.R. Cohn Winery is one of the few remaining family-owned and operated estate wineries located in Sonoma Valley and is just so happens to be owned by the former manager of the Doobie Brothers Band. The legendary rock bank started in the 1970s which has sold more than 40 million albums over five decades. Situated in the heart of Northern California’s Sonoma Valley, B.R. Cohn produces…

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Best Potato Chip Ever from St. Louis

From St. Louis, Missouri The Billy Goat Chip Company may produce the best chips you’ll ever taste! We certainly have become fans of their product. If you share our weakness for potato chips, then this is the product for you. Great website and easy to order online too…

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Honolulu Cookies from Hawaii

If you have been to Hawaii in the last 15 years, then you know of the famous Honolulu Cookie Company. Established in 1998, this company as an upstart had the foresight to trademark its pineapple-shape shortbread cookie paving the way for future success. Now with numerous locations – including Seoul, Korea – Honolulu Cookie has become a staple…

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Wine Ice Cream from Upper New York State

From upper state New York, Mercer’s Dairy offers you a unique experience. Wine flavored ice cream shipped to your front door which should help satisfy your inner sommelier during dessert. The downside? First because of the alcohol content you must be 21 years old to order. Secondly, you better be prepared to order a lot. Minimum order for shipment is 4 pints or 2 half gallons…

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